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    • 09_1820.jpg

    Kira Yanenko · La Petite Magazine

    Our little Star, Kira Yanenko channels the 7o's in this vintage inspired shoot, captured by photographer Federico Leone with
    Styling: Annah Segarra,  Grroming: Antonella Gaglio

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    Jaesun Song · L'Oreal Paris x Allets

    New work by Director Jaesun Song for L'Oreal Paris X Allets with the beautiful Kanh Cho Won.

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    • Asia Kate Dillon · June 2017

    Kerry Hallihan · The Sunday Times Style

    Photographer Kerry Hallihan captures brilliant actor Asian Kate Dillion for The Sunday Style Times. Dillon, who plays Taylor Manson in the show BILLIONS & Brandy Epp in ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, talks about
    ...Read More

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    • 0617 Pence-1.jpg

    Michael Sturgeon · GQ

    Set Designer Michael Sturgeon sets the scene for "Mike Hot Pence" an alternative-reality Pence played by 52-year-old New Yorker Glen Pannell for GQ Magazine
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    Jaesun Song · Uniqlo

    Director Jaesun Song captures a blooming New York romance and summer looks for Uniqlo.

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    • JCAubry-byLDarmon05.jpg

    Laurent Darmon · Jean Claude Aubry Community

    -2016-2017 Collection-
    Photographer Laurent Darmond captures the beauties, Diana,  Bara Marconova & Jordan Cohayney for Jean Claude Aubry Community.

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    • 8.jpg

    Yuki Saito · Still-Life

    New painting worthy still-life images by photographer Yuki Saito.

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    Michael Sturgeon · Sparkle

    Set Designer Michael Sturgeon created a series of fun, character-personalized backgrounds for Sparkle brand paper towels.

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    • Steffy Argelich · June 2017

    Kerry Hallihan · The Sunday Times Style

    Photographer Kerry Hallihan captures the gorgeous Steffy Argelich wearing embellished looks from a few pre-fall collections for The Sunday Times Style with

    Styling: Jaime Kay Waxman,  Hair: Peter Gray,  Ma
    ...Read More

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    • Cover-1.jpg

    Rayan Ayash & Michael Sturgeon · Marie Claire

    Super Model Maria Borges glows bright for Marie Claire's June 2017 issue captured by photographer Rayan Ayash with

    Set Design: Michael Sturgeon,  Styling: AVian Lain,  Hair: Italo Gregorio,  Makeup: Yuki Haya
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    • Lea Seydoux · June 2017

    Patrick Demarchelier & Michael Sturgeon · Vogue Korea

    Photographer Patrick Demarchelier & Set Designer Michael Sturgeon team up for Vogue Korea's June issue with the lovely Léa Seydoux.

    Styling: Leslie Fremar,  Hair: Chris McMillan, Makeup: Sabrina Badrani,  Manicu
    ...Read More

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    • Book Four · June 2017

    Bobette Cohn · Funny Tastes

    Stylist Bobette Cohn brings a new flavour to Funny Tastes Magazine, Issue #4 with 

    Photographer: Zoey Grossman,  Model: Katherine Ann Moore,  Hair: Sylvia Wheeler,  Makeup: Kali Kennedy,  Nails: Mar
    ...Read More

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    • New Classics · April 2017

    Now Representing Stylist Amarsana Gendunova

    ADB Agency is excited to announce the representation of Fashion and Celebrity Stylist Amarsana Gendunova.



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    Director Aurelien Heilbronn · Glamour UK X Revlon

    Director Aurelien Heilbronn captures the radiant Linda Slava for Glamour UK X Revlon UK #LIPSTICKCHALLENGE with
    Hair: Charley McEwen,  Makeup: Kim Kiefer

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    • Miriam Leone

    Marcus Pummer · Grazia Italia

    Photographer Marcus Pummer captures gorgeous actress Miriam Leone for Grazia Italia June 2017 with
    Styling: Tamara Gianoglio,  Hair: Vincenzo Panico,  Makeup: Simone Belli

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    • _73A6031.jpg

    Sonya Nova · Bosco Di Ciliegi

    The beautiful Sonya Nova steps into a wonderland of fashion for department store Bosco Di Ciliegi. Photographed by Egor Berladin.

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    • Red-Hot · June/July 2017

    Torkil Gudnason · Harper's Bazaar

    Photographer Torkil Gudnason turns up the heat in a new racy red accessories editorial for Harper's Bazaar June/July 2017 issue with

    Model: Vanusa Savaris, Styling: Amanda Alagem, Makeup: Kyriaki Savrani, Manicure: Tracylee
    ...Read More

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    • Pure Boost · Cannes Press

    Michael Sturgeon · Adidas

    Set Designer Michael Sturgeon hits the ground running, providing amazing visuals for the new Adidas Pure Boost Campaign

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    • GQ-0617-Green-ADB.jpg

    Todd Suterland · British GQ

    Photographer Todd Sutherland captures the timelessness of luxury watches for British GQ's June 2017 issue.
    Styling: Grace Gilfeather

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    • NEW_154-169_MIXTE19-JUSTIN & BRYLIE-1a.jpg

    Justin Borbely · Mixt(e) Magazine

    Glammed up and ready to GO! Photographer Justin Borbely and Stylist Brylie Fowler team up for Mixte Magazine's Issue N°19 with

    Models: Cai Lee, Kitti Mudele, Sophie Jones & Ana Christina,  Hair: Bok-Hee,
    ...Read More

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    • F_2.jpeg

    Todd Sutherland · NEW STILL LIFE

    Photographer Todd Sutherland zooms in close to capture the intricate detail and color of these exotic irridescent bird feathers.

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    • Pool Party · June 2017

    Gina Kim · LIttle London

    Photographer Gina Kim captures the cool kids of summer for childrens fashion magazine Little London.
    Models: Miley-Rae, Dominic & Poppy,  Styling: Polly Banks,  Hair & Makeup: Rachel Louise Jones

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    Now Representing Director Kao Cheng Kai

    Please welcome Director & Cinematographer, Kao Cheng Kai to the ADB Team. Currently based in NYC, Kai is a visual creative who not only specializes in fashion Film, but also Music Videos and Stage Visual Direction.
    Stay tuned for more of
    ...Read More

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    • Kerry Washington_cover.jpg


    Photographer Kerry Hallihan captures Scandal star Kerry Washington for this weeks issue of Net-A-Porter's, THE EDIT with

    Styling: Tracy Taylor,  Hair: Takisha Sturdivant,  Makeup: Carola Gonzales,  Manicure
    ...Read More

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    • May 2017

    Bobette Cohn · Flair Germany

    Stylist Bobette Cohn dresses the gorgeous Flávia Lucini for Flair Magazin, captured by Photographer Jurij Treskow with
    Hair: Ashley Lynn Hall,  Makeup: Sara Uslan,  Nails: Barbara Warner

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    • Bolero X Jelmoli · May 2017

    Baard Lunde · Bolero Magazin

    Bolero Magazine and Department store Jelmoli team up with Photographer Baard Lund for a colorful new beauty shoot in the june Issue with
    Models: Laura Mayerhofer, Hair: Jean Baptiste Santens,  Makeup: Damian Garozzo,  Nails: Mataja
    ...Read More

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    • page064.jpg

    Tomo Brejc · GQ

    Photographer Tomo Brejc captures actor Jack Guinness for GQ UK June 2017 with
    Styling: Tony Cook,  Grooming: Paul Donovan

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    Chris Turner · Spirits

    Photographer Chris Turner captures the brand aesthetic and signature cocktails for Bombay Sapphire, Chivas Regal, Grey Goose, Havana Club, Jack Daniels, Tanqueray, Bailey's, Belvedere and Courvoisier.

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    • Yuki Saito - Cosmetics - 10.jpg

    Now Representing Photographer Yuki Saito

    Please welcome photographer Yuki Saito to the ADB Team. Yuki's commitment to authenticity and attention to detail is evident in his beautiful still-life photographs and we look forward to may successful collaborations.

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    • IMG_5459.JPG

    Michael Sturgeon · Rolling Stone


    Set Designer Michael Sturgeon creates a comical prop gun used by comedian Chris Rock for Rolling Stone Magazine, May 18th, 2017 Issue. Captured by photographer Mark Seliger.

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    • Pre Met Gala 2017

    Patrick Demarchelier · Louis Vuitton

    Prior to the 2017 Met Gala in New York, Louis Vuitton hosted Nicolas Ghesquière and his guests at an exclusive event to be photographed by Patrick Demarchelier.

    The A-list includes, Luke Evans, Riley Keough, Rila
    ...Read More

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    • May 2017 · Noomi Rapace

    Kerry Hallihan · The Sunday Times Style

    New cover story featuring Swedish actress Noomi Rapace, captured by Kerry Hallihan for The Sunday Times Style, April 30 2017 issue with

    Styling: Rebecca Corbin Murray,   Hair: Lyndell Mansfield,&#
    ...Read More

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    • Gold Collection

    Chris Turner · Godiva

    Universally treasured for their classic chocolates, Belgian chocolatiers, GODIVA, taps photographer Chris Turner for their featured Gold Collection, presented in luxuriously crafted golden gift boxes and ready to savour.
    ...Read More

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    • May 2017 · Monica Belluci

    Gilles-Marie Zimmermann · Esquire China

    Photographer Gilles Marie Zimmermann captures actress Monica Bellucci for Esquire China's May cover story in beautiful Roma with
    Styling: Bo Chen,  Hair: John Nollet,   Makeup: Letizia Carnevale


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    • GALA Maillots Stars#08_067.jpg

    Lise-Anne Marsal · Gala France

    Lise-Anne Marsal travels to the pristine beaches of Malaysia to capture the beautiful, Jefimija Jokic for Gala France.
    Styling: Charla Carter,  Hair & Makeup: Cyril Lanior

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    • Schlatter_Paul_Mitchell_CC_2.jpeg

    Robert Schlatter · Paul Mitchell

    Gorgeous new still-life by photographer Robert Schlatter for Paul Mitchell - Color Craft line.

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    • Pièce jointe.jpeg.jpg

    Kerry Hallihan · Elle UK

    " I think a woman's instinct never lets her down" - Victoria Beckham

    Photographer Kerry Hallihan captures an intimate moment with Victoria Beckham for Elle UK's May 2017 issue with

    Styling: Ali
    ...Read More

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    Tomo Brejc · Perfectil

    Director Tomo Brejc captures a day in the life of the glamourous Nicole Scherzinger for Perfectil UK with
    Styling: Victoria Adcock,  Hair: Dayaruci,  Makeup: Emma Osborne

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    • Pages from Hunger 12_Love'sABitch-1a.jpg

    Mike Adler · Hunger Magazine

    -BIG EYES-
    Stylist Mike Adler teams up with photographer Rankin to create Big Eyed cuties for Hunger Magazine Issue 12 with
    Model: Valeriia Karaman,  Hair: Jonathan Connelly,  Makeup: Andrew Gallimore

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    • MPU09_060_034 _DEF_RVB_M2L.jpg

    Marcus Pummer · Grazia Italia

    ADB photographer Marcus Pummer captures the gorgeous actress Sigrid Bouaziz, star of 2016 mystery thriller, PERSONAL SHOPPER for Grazia Italia with

    Styling: Alessandra Rodino, Hair: Patrice de la Roche,  Makeup: Tom
    ...Read More

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    • IMG_4317.jpg

    Kira Yanenko · Marie Claire Enfants Italia

    Starlette Kira Yanenko graces Marie Claire Enfants Italia for a fun, friend filled editorial, captured by photographer Achim Lippoth.
    Styling: Elisabetta Massari

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    • 574_GUESS_JEANS_SPRING2017_R15.jpg

    Rayan Ayash · Guess SS 2017

    With summer 2017 on the way, clothing brand GUESS taps ADB Photographer Rayan Ayash to capture their sexiest summer looks.

    Models: Hailey Baldwin, Emma Stern Nielsen, and Stefano Sala, Hair: Paco Garrigues,   Makeup: N
    ...Read More

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    • Vogue-Italia-March-2017-Louis-Vuitton-Nicolas-Ghesquiere-Sara-Grace-by-Patrick-Demarchelier-visual-atelier-8-7.jpg

    Patrick Demarchelier · Vogue Italia

    Patrick Demarchelier captures the fairylike beauty of model Sara Grace for Vogue Italia's March 2017 issue with
    Styling: Paul Cavaco,  Hair: Garren,  Makeup: Diane Kendal,  Nails: Meguni Yamamoto

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    • 015_000_Fashion Linchuk-1a.jpg

    Bruno Weppe · Elle Russia

    ADB Hair stylist Bruno Weppe activates the soft curls of Maryna Linchuk for Elle Russia's April 2017 issue.
    Photographer: Alexey Kiselef,  Stylist: Ekaterina Mukhina,  Makeup: Tracey Gray Mann

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    • The Beauty of Diversity · April 2017

    Patrick Demarchelier · Allure

    Allure Magazine casts Dilone, Imaan Hammam & Aamito Lagum for their April, 'The Beauty of Diversity' Issue captured by Patrick Demarchelier.


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    Aurélien Heilbronn · Rue21

    Director Aurélien Heilbronn captures the fun, fresh freedom of spring break fashion for Rue21.

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    • HBZ040117WELLBladeRunner_44.jpg

    Michael Sturgeon · Harpers Bazaar

    Set designer Michael Sturgeon teams up with Photographer Mark Seliger to create a stunning editorial nod to the upcoming android thriller Blade Runner 2049 with

    Models: Ysaunny Brito & Alexandra Elizabeth,  Styl
    ...Read More

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    • GinetteNYbyLDarmon03.jpg

    Laurent Darmon · Ginette NY

    Laurent Darmon captures the spring beauty of Avril Guerrero for Ginette NY Spring Jewelry 2017 with
    Style: Bepi Valerio, Hair & Makeup: Nadeen Mateyofficiel

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    Chris Turner · Bicester Village

    Photographer Chris Turner captures the latest looks for Bichester Village Campaign 2017 with
    Styling: Polly Banks, & Set Design: Dawn Weller


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