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While pursuing his Master’s degree in filmmaking Aurélien Heilbronn developed a keen eye for cinematography and photography. A passion that led the way for numerous collaborations with leading personalities and talents within the fashion, music, advertisement and entertainment industries.
Based in New York but a traveler at heart, Aurélien Heilbronn continues to build his body of work in the States and abroad.


Born and raised in Paris, this young director and photographer […] documents his personal life and the strangers he so frequently encounters with his unique style of photography. Candid and often humorous in tone, it’s the connection that he forges with his subjects that truly impresses.
Insightful, playful and with splashes of surrealism, he has accumulated an impressive collection of shots which are unmistakably his own.
Whattaroll magazine



Lomography Gallery Store New York. February 20, 2014-March 20, 2014.
41 West 8th Street New York NY 10011.

Carriage trade Gallery New York. December 12, 2013- January 18, 2013.
62 Walker street. New York NY 10013.



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